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“When COVID kicked last year, it was an eye opener for everyone. Initially markets and shops were closed. People could not buy food. The idea of the backyard came up again, that we need to have people to utilize their backyard for food, in a decent way that creates foods and beans.” explains Ms. Edobong Akpabio. Ms. Edobong Akpabio is an "agropreneur", consultant, mentor, and CEO of Visionage Agrotech Farms in Lagos, Nigeria. In this episode she talks about what backyard farming is, what benefits backyard farming can bring and how backyard farming is perceived by citizens.

Sharon Idahosa specializes in agriculture articles, events, and podcasts. She uses different communication methods to communicate to a larger audience and spread the word about agriculture. She has made episodes with key people from different organizations; FAO, Climate Resilience Network (CRN), Corporate Farmers international, Novatero, DigiExt etc, all centering around agriculture and making impact. Besides that, Sharon is founder of a social organization: Lifex Agriculture Initiative, that seeks to bring about the inclusiveness of rural farmers in through training to educate them on the right approaches to a sustainable agriculture.