Sadly, no solution in sight and it seems we are on a very long ride. And, where the hope of the farmers lies?

It is important to note that the agricultural sector is one of the critical sectors of our economy that needs resuscitation at this period. This is because food is the right of everyone, and any situation that prevents or disallows people from accessing the right quantity and quality of food is a big threat to life. As it stands, critical interventions should be implemented to address some of the key issues such as access to affordable inputs, security of farmers' life, farmland and properties, reduction of economic losses due to climate crisis and subsidized food.

Resolving some of these issues will require a systematic thinking and approach, but it is important that beyond this reactive rescue, we need to proactively develop a comprehensive strategy on which our food system is hinged upon. In other words, we need to plan our actions in advance and outlive them rather than wait till risks crystallize before planning.

As stakeholders, we need to come together and work to cushion the effects of the multi-dimensional challenges currently faced and chart a new course of increased productivity in the agricultural sector. We need to build a food system that can address its problems holistically. We need a system that is strong enough to withstand shocks and where its actors can bounce back quickly. A better resilience is all that we need to move us closer to achieve food security. Let us make it happen.