The issue of post-harvest losses can not be overemphasized as it affects the supply chain adversely. In addition, the use of cold chain technologies in reducing post harvest losses is a welcome alternative, however, the cost of generating energy and maintaining cold chain facilities is very high. This increases the cost of food and this is the main reason that could make food unaffordable for some groups of people.

Interestingly, to reduce the cost of maintaining cold chain facilities and energy, we need to increase the volume of food being produced at the farmers' level, that is, production at scale to ensure the cost of food is affordable.

Farmlab production site, Ogun State

Therefore, it is important that all stakeholders are involved in ensuring that cold chain becomes more acceptable, especially in the area of infrastructure deficit that affects the industry and increases time in transit. Policies supporting the cold chain should be developed and it should promote more private investment in the cold chain industry. Furthermore, more technical personnel should be trained on cold chain technologies, including repairs and maintenance for these facilities.

In conclusion, advancing cold chain technology is a panacea for food security in developing countries, where post harvest losses are extremely high. Therefore, these chains need to be efficient and tightly jointed to ensure no loose end at any point in time. We all must be jointly involved to ensure that food security becomes a reality for us all!

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