Every sweat that drops down to the ground from any farmer is a ray of hope of a bountiful harvest; we all feed on hope. Thus, making us more hopeful which paid off at the end. We are utmostly grateful to our farmers for shaping our minds to see and believe in the drive to achieve zero hunger and food security.

Interestingly, farmers and other agricultural value chain actors have sustained our food systems throughout the years and kept supporting our growing population - increasing every day and yet farmers consciously sustain their life through provision of nutritious and healthy food for growth and development. Thus, they truly deserve all the support and encouragement that would incentivize them to do more. We are elated to celebrate these farmers all over the World, who are ALWAYS working hard to make zero hunger possible. These heroes are confronted with a lot of limitations in exercising their duty but have not deterred them in ensuring that food is produced year in and out. They deserve their flowers everyday and must never fade away. They always show up whenever they are needed and always surpass our expectations.

As the year closes up finally in the next few hours, we reminisce on all the great feats achieved this year as it relates to the food system by these great farmers. We are truly indebted to you; your consistency, doggedness and patience. You all have made the currency of our hope more valuable than before - nothing dignifying in a hungry society. As we begin a new year in a few hours, we are committed to supporting you in providing the appropriate knowledge at the right time. Our commitment to our farmers would ALWAYS trump in all our decisions because they are the main pillars in achieving food security. We are confident that zero hunger is possible as long as we have farmers who are committed to serve us ALWAYS. A beautiful and fulfilling year has been made possible by the consented efforts of our dear farmers, and in the spirit of the new year, I wish all farmers a fruitful and more profitable 2023!

May our labour never be in vain.

I love you all.