For its complete product range Ahold Delhaize needs insights in potential integrity risks e.g., child labour, negative effects on biodiversity and food safety. Understanding those risks in the agri-food chain, predicting its changes and its possible magnitude helps the company to monitor and decide on action.

The key resource in this risk assessment is reliable data on real events. “It is important to obtain verifiable data from various sources, using public open sources as much as possible,” explains Leon Mol, Director Product Safety & Social Compliance at Ahold Delhaize. Using open-source data offers everyone the opportunity to verify its reliability. “We value the input from reputable institutes, such as the World Bank,” Mol adds.

Independent Standards and Collectives
To determine their standards and ambitions, Ahold Delhaize uses independent standards and collectives such as SAI (Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform) and the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF). “Our company is committed to Zero Net Deforestation by the CGF. That comes with responsibilities,”.

Ahold Delhaize shares outcomes of such risk analyses in for instance its annual report, directly to its shareholders, and partly to its customers. “Food safety should be right. That’s not something to communicate about unless we are dealing with a recall,”.

Join the conversation on how Ahold Delhaize determine the reliability of their resources and data, and how they deal with risks.

Leon Mol, Director Product Safety & Social Compliance at Ahold Delhaize

Dr Leon Mol was educated as an agronomist at Wageningen University. After having worked in the potato supply chain, Leon was employed as Agronomist at supermarket Albert Heijn (The Netherlands) working on long term availability and sustainability of fresh fruit & vegetables, flowers and plants, with an emphasis on food safety and social compliance. Now, Leon is Director of Product Safety & Social Compliance at multinational Ahold Delhaize. The (global) scope of the activities includes product safety, social compliance, animal welfare and sustainability of animal and plant related products.