Let’s Grow.com has been working with horticultural data for over 20 years. The company has specialized in collecting, visualising, and analysing data to help companies learn how to produce green house grown plants more efficiently.

Horticulture is one of the most data ready sectors in agriculture, but what do you do with all this data? Let’s Grow uses the HortiFootprint Calculator which helps companies to measure their carbon footprint and make more sustainable choices.

Capture Data, Listen to Nature
The Let’s Grow approach is based on Plant Empowerment, a program which uses grower's data from a controlled environment to achieve optimum crop results whilst minimizing resources and emissions. The sustainable solutions they implement are based on listening to the needs of nature, supporting plant balances and growth.

“Capture Data, Listen to Nature” is the golden phrase that Let’s Grow keeps in mind as it helps clients to improve their performance sustainably.

As says Martin van Tol (Sales Manager at Let's Grow): "Data is not the issue, you need to know how to put them to work for your goals. Work back from the quality you want and design the process." It works for tomatoes, pepper bells and cucumbers. Would it work, for example, in micro-fermentation plants producing real analogue animal protein? Yes! And so it would for traditional broilers.

Join the Conversation
Martin van Tol will be discussing how Let’s Grow uses the data they collect to implement sustainability for their clients. Even more so, Van Tol will be discussing how Let’s Grow can apply their technology to different sectors like micro-fermentation and even the meat industry. Register here.

Speaker: Martin van Tol
Martin Van Tol is experienced in sales with a demonstrated history of working in the AgriBusiness, oil & energy industry. He is currently the Sales Manager at Let's Grow, where they push innovative uses for data in agriculture and horticulture.