The food system incorporates also the inputs required and outputs achieved at specific stages of production, which encompass the entire range of actors and their interlinked value-adding activities in the primary production of food and non-food agricultural products. The food system comprises of different actors at different stages of production and value addition, including the final consumers. The success of any food system is evident when food gets to the appropriate actors at the right time and in the right quantity, with little or no losses or wastage at different stages. Therefore, achieving an efficient food system is not the responsibility of farmers alone, or processors nor traders, however, it is ensuring that all actors take proactive responsibilities and have the required skills and resources to effectively operate.

Asides that, it is very important that there is an enabling environment for actors in the food system to thrive and be able to carry out their responsibilities seamlessly. When there is no ease of doing business, actors only survive to make ends meet rather than develop the capacity of their business that brings shared prosperity to the industry; only activities that promote shared prosperity can bring sustainable growth and development to the food system. Interestingly, enabling the environment doesn't exist on its own without data-driven policies and the political-will to implement and monitor these policies that meet the changing needs of the business environment.

To achieve food security, we need to develop the appropriate policies that bring good and intentional governance into development of the food systems; understanding the importance of data-driven policies, building enabling environment where businesses that strive to achieve economic growth and its people can build confidence and capacities to ensure that the food system becomes more efficient in achieving zero hunger and economic empowerment for all! Therefore, the right to food is equally important to the right to life.

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