For the medium term, we need to develop a pathway of growth for the agricultural sector that addresses key issues inhibiting our growth. For example, climate issues are obstacles to food security, thus, we need to develop programs and activities that encourage adoption of climate smart practices at the farm level. We need to promote the appropriate culture for food production along the food value chain and incentivize these practices to scale. At this stage, the sector can only strive; making progress towards food security but any shocks at this point could take it back to survival mode. Except there is more intentionality to achieve long term goals.

The agricultural sector cannot grow or develop within the survival mode
For the long term strategy, we need to develop and maintain infrastructure that helps to promote productivity throughout the food chain. It involves investment in road infrastructure (especially roads leading to major food producing communities), investment in rural electrification, investment in security of lives and properties amongst others. This is the oy means for the agriculture sector in the developing countries to truly thrive and make more impacts in the lives of the actors. Any shocks at this stage would distort the food system but it has the ability to absorb and recover faster because resilience is established and the system is self regulatory. We need to aim to achieve long term goals to achieve food security.

However, to achieve long term goals, we need to develop a good and efficient blueprint that is based on accurate data, strong political strong will and the right institutions that support growth and development of the agricultural sector. This is not mere wishful thinking or daydreaming but consented efforts of various stakeholders committed to move and achieve greater impacts in the sector. Yes, it starts from the right leadership and the right mindset to achieve this. We need to decide the future of the agriculture sector, we need to plan for the future and we need to achieve the future of food starting from today. We need more stakeholders who are committed to the cause of our future food. The best time to start was yesterday but a better time to reconsider is today but tomorrow, it would be too late. Our future is in our hands, let us guide it with our plan and actions.