So, for the science bit, it needs to be learnt and applied. As much as passion is important to help one build a level of resilience but having it alone is not sufficient to make one successful in the business. Sadly, passion cannot replace the knowledge of quality seeds, understanding the soil, application of good agricultural practices, knowledge of market access amongst others. However, passion can be the force that pushes one to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills.

Already, we are having a lot of passionate farmers who are in agriculture for the love of it, but are less productive because of poor knowledge of the business of agriculture. There are many passionate farmers faced with the effects of climate change yet have not been able to adopt climate smart agriculture practices because they want to stick to their old practices or not open to new learning. There are a lot of passionate farmers who have constantly experienced low yield over a period of time and still have little knowledge of improving the soil structures or adopting good practices. Many more passionate farmers are faced with hunger and extreme poverty which have resulted in self help, yet no changes. We don't need only passionate farmers again as it doesn't solve our food crisis. We need more knowledgeable farmers who understand the practices and business of agriculture. Farmers who understand the times and seasons, whose knowledge can solve the food crisis and help them to achieve prosperity.

We need more skilled farmers who are technically competent, open to new learning, ethically upstanding and passionate about the business of agriculture. We need to invest knowledge and knowledge transfer and improve the skill sets of the farmers. Farming is not for everybody but it is meant for everyone who is willing to learn the science and art of cultivation and business of farming. We can no longer leave our food in the hands of fate or doing trial by error, rather we need to produce our food on tested practices and principles that can lead to food security and zero hunger. Let knowledge lead and let passion follow, we need both to sustain our food system.