I have read several articles highlighting issues in the agricultural sector in developing countries and offering some practical solutions to improve its productivity. One of these solutions is always hinged on specific policies and political willingness of the government to implement them. It is always an interesting read as these articles are well researched with a lot of resources invested, however, the agricultural sector still remains underdeveloped, and its main actors (producers) are still vulnerable and their livelihood being threatened.

Policies are excellent when their development is hinged on reliable data from relevant stakeholders and active actors rather than political actors whose role in the sector is periodical; to take the "juicy part" and become absentees afterward. Policies are excellent when their intention is to focus on the ease of doing the business of agriculture rather than poverty alleviation schemes (which most times are short-lived and the vicious cycles continue afterward).

Policies are excellent when their intention is to build capacity, empower the relevant stakeholders and active actors to be able to solve their problems at the different phases of the sector's growth and development.
These are the policies that would genuinely transform the sector and produce the needed results that we all need. Political willingness to follow through the process of identifying the relevant stakeholders and active actors should be considered- genuine consultation, gathering the appropriate information, the strong-will to implement these policies, providing the right governance and transformation leadership at the different phases of its implementation.

Therefore, it is important we get it right to avoid building a great castle in the air and afterward blaming others for our woes. We need to genuinely look inward to assess our policies; its suitability to address our current challenges and future growth and also our implementation strategy. Agriculture must work for ALL as our utmost strength lies in its industrialisation. I will say it again, Agriculture must work for us ALL.