It is always believed that water has no enemy because of its multipurpose uses. One of these purposes is in the agricultural sector. Its importance cannot be overemphasized especially for the production of food. Water is one of the important components for production because nutrients cannot be taken up by plants without first being dissolved by water. Water helps to break down these complex nutrients into simpler forms that plant roots can absorb easily. Therefore, water contributes to increased productivity of crops and their yield.

As far as food cannot be produced without water, water needs to be available at all times and in the right quantity to achieve food security. This is a call for agricultural stakeholders to put more importance on the issue of water availability as a result of the increasing usage of it due to the increasing population. Sadly, the impact of climate change and unavailability of water reservoirs are adversely affecting the availability of water especially for smallholder farmers, who rely solely on rainfed agriculture.

Both early and late dry spells have contributed to a decrease in productivity of crops and increased losses of crops and livelihood. Likewise, poor investment and lack of technical personnel have discouraged the promotion of water harvesting infrastructure amongst the farmers. Therefore, there is a need for an alternative source of water in the agricultural sector to achieve food security.

There is a need to build more water infrastructure like dams to retain more water or irrigation. In addition, there is a need to invest in alternative sources of water for food production in developing countries, and implement inclusive policies around water usage and management in order to make water an all year round available resource (water security). Since water is an integral component to achieve food security, we need to save water to make more food available. Without water, food security is just a dream and our reality is a mere illusion. Let us wake up from this dream and do the talk to make water secured because we are the generation of doers!