A short summary of the second digital chat in the Digital Food Series, from February 2. Tiffany Tsui asked Hans de Gier (SyncForce) all about the future of Intelligent Value Networks. There is no bad news, but just this big 'BUT'. The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) is confronted with the One Big Unresolved Question GLOBALG.A.P.'s CEO Kristian Möller identified in the first chat. The taxonomy needs an international body and a basic infrastructure to keep the game. Yet that body has to be a global authority accepted by the world community. It cannot be owned by a set of globally operating companies, as they contribute to global sustainability, fairness and animal welfare goals from their private interests. Like roads and waterways, it should be an infrastructure owned by the international community.

The Big Question: in the absence of a global authority that is aware of the powers unleashed by the digitisation of food, what 'no-body' (watch the end of the video) can guard the interests of the global community?

The audience responded to a number of poll questions:
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