“How did the Netherlands become so innovative? And how did this small country become second exporter – after the US and before Brazil, Germany, and France? That is quite an achievement as a tiny country, just a stamp next to the North Sea." With these words anchor Dick Veerman introduces the story line ‘Dutch Agriculture’.

Dutch experts - a historian, two economists, an agronomist, and a sociologist - will give their answers to the question how agriculture evolved over centuries of history. The Netherlands have a unique position in a delta by the sea connected to markets and agricultural production areas. They will also share their views on the future of Dutch agriculture.

We cannot go on increasing total output, and still make money. "That is why we need a new S-curve. This tiny country needs to reinvent itself, based on the competencies it developed over time,” says Dick Veerman for starters. Is that true?

What would you like to learn? Please share your questions in the comments below so that the experts can respond to them in the interviews.

Next to the English version, a Dutch version will be on in multiple editions. The result of that series will be presented in English as well. We hope to set an example for other countries to reflect on the histories of their agricultural roots to better understand the present and the challenges of the future.