The path towards achieving food security is in the mouth of every agricultural stakeholder, especially policy makers who are identifying issues surrounding food production and developing policies targeted to solving them. Sadly, the issues surrounding the food supply chain are less discussed, and these issues are most important to achieving food affordability and availability. It was noted that the cost of distribution has contributed to increase in cost of food, availability of food and food losses.

Furthermore, food supply actors are constantly faced with infrastructure deficits that have made distribution in some locations more difficult. In developing countries, this problem coupled with poor policies have made it nearly impossible to make food affordable in several locations. Increased cost of food and low purchasing power of consumers are the bane to the growth of the food supply subsector.
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Therefore, there is a need to address these issues holistically to avoid further loss of jobs and increased hunger. Therefore, it is important to assess the root causes of these challenges from the relevant stakeholders and proffer practicable solutions both on short and long term to cushion the effects.

In conclusion, the supply chain needs to be fixed as soon as possible and sustained to achieve food security. It is important that all stakeholders need to be involved and at all levels.