There are several reasons why bush burning is still common. One of the reasons is the belief that it is a source of nutrients (phosphorus) to the soil and farmers spend less on clearing the land before the rainy season farming. Sadly, the cost of destroying the soil structure and beneficial microorganisms outweighs the perceived benefits. The aftermath effect leaves the land unproductive, degraded and unsuitable for food production. Thus, bush burning practice could be described with the saying, "penny wise, pounds foolish".

Furthermore, another reason for bush burning is that it is carried out by hunters. Hunting is not just a game in the developing countries but it is seen as another source of revenue. Therefore, during the dry season, hunters set land on fire with the aim of dislodging animals from their hidden places for hunting. This practice has unfortunately destroyed many farms, biodiversity elements and livelihoods. The effects of destruction leave long term consequences.

These and many more are the reasons bush burning is being practiced. Now, it is time for us to put an end to this practice as it can cause much more harm to us as people, much more harm to our environment and much harm to our livelihood. Nothing justifies the continuous practice. So, we need to enact laws that criminalize bush burning in our communities. We cannot achieve shared prosperity by burning our ecosystem to ashes: nothing good comes out from it eventually. Let us embrace eco-friendly practices to make sure our environment is pollution-free. Today is the right time to stand against this unjust practice. With one voice and full commitment, bush burning would become a history.