Sadly, there has been an increase in exploitation of the natural elements due to the issue of climate change, overpopulation, economic crisis and poverty. This exploitation needs to be put under check by reducing the overdependence on these resources. For instance, hunting is a common occupation amongst rural dwellers where animals in the wild are hunted for food and commercial purposes. Overhunting will cause imbalance in the ecosystem and would cause more harm to the ecosystem. Therefore, it is important that local laws should be implemented where hunting would not be allowed for a specific period of time (regulated hunting) to allow for reproduction and balancing of the ecosystem.

Also, another example is tree cutting or felling. This is becoming a big concern in rural communities where there are natural reserves that house fauna (animal) and flora (plants) that help to ensure proper conservation of natural resources. The trees are being traded for commercial purposes and are non-regulated. Sadly, the overstretching of these resources has placed great danger on the ecosystem and is gradually destroying biodiversity, which has negatives in the environment. The increasing cost of living and poverty rate in the rural communities have contributed immensely to the exploitation of the natural resources and thus endangering the lives of the people.

There is a need for the government and other stakeholders to rise to the occasion of protecting the natural resources by addressing the root cause- poverty, where people don't have the financial resources to live properly, they would definitely go to the natural resources to convert to their livelihood. We need to develop programmes that aim to address and improve their livelihood (alternative livelihood programmes that provide economic benefits to the rural dwellers). Also, we need to increase sensitisation training for the rural dwellers on the natural ecosystems; its relevance to them, to the economy and generally to the existence of us all. Conservation should be protected at all costs and everyone, especially rural dwellers, should be custodians of these sacred monuments. Let our natural resources live so that we also can enjoy life better.