As a group, it has been observed from many studies that farmers have achieved more results; reduced cost of production, bargain better prices for their products, access more financial services and products, access more information, sold more produce, improved livelihood, increased productivity amongst others. Nevertheless, the sustainability of these groups have been a point of discussion for years that led to development of group dynamics training for many farmers' groups, still there is a lot of work to do to reinforce cohesiveness and stronger bonds amongst these groups. It is important that farmers working as a group is the best approach to achieve food security and zero hunger as they have better leverage to scale-up and help themselves.

Therefore, it is important for farmers to embrace working together as a group, which requires building mutual trust and respect, sharing information which eventually will lead to winning together and improving their livelihood. We need to reinforce the culture of togetherness and collaboration amongst farmers and other stakeholders because with togetherness we stand and divided we fall. Achieving zero hunger and food security is possible if we imbibe the culture of UBUNTU, I am because you are. In the real sense, we are connected by the same vision and driven back by similar passion. Let us hold our hands together and win together.