The place of extension service providers cannot be overemphasized in the agricultural sector of developing countries. The extension agent, also known as change agent, is a key source of information for smallholder farmers in rural communities (or the most remote areas where agriculture is their main source of livelihood).

Therefore, developing efficient extension service delivery is vital in ensuring that farmers are connected to the world. Access to adequate information would improve their productivity substantially.

Interestingly, promoting private extension service providers through policy support will go a long way to attract more investment into this service subsector. This means that more innovative ways would be deployed to ensure that farmers constantly have access to relevant information. Monitoring how this information is used to improve their knowledge and practices will translate into higher yield, improved local economy and better livelihood.

Farm Visit in Jigawa State, Nigeria

In conclusion, the creation of a more conducive environment that promotes the convenience of doing business, would help the agricultural service subsector to strive better, especially private extension service providers like FutuX in Nigeria. Therefore, the new dawn we foresee is closer than expected as we work together to achieve food security for our growing population.

This is an “information age”, therefore no one should be left behind.