In a few weeks' time, the rainy season will commence but farmers cannot afford the basic inputs especially fertilizers because of the high cost. The cost of land preparation is at an all time high (if you are using a tractor). This is one of those difficult times of being a farmer in Nigeria; a more trying and disturbing time that requires urgent solutions.

Sadly, the political willingness is not there and the solutions might seem like rocket science. So, we need to make some hard decisions to change the narrative. I have said this before and I will repeat it again, our farms need to be safe for farmers to return to the farm. We cannot achieve food security when our national security is being threatened. As a nation still struggling to improve her productivity and feeding her populace, reducing cultivable land will create more problems and could erase all past achievements. Furthermore, we need to subsidize food and also inputs (this is a big challenge because there are no verifiable data to ensure that subsidised inputs get to the appropriate and real farmers rather than political farmers).

This is a call to action especially for State governors to declare a state of emergency in the agricultural sector in Nigeria. It is difficult to sweet tongue this, we are in food crisis mode and need urgent attention to avoid further losses of lives and livelihoods. We cannot remain quiet at this time because there is hunger in the land. It is time to act NOW.