For instance, in the southern region in Nigeria, Maize can be planted twice. However, the first production is faced with high post harvest loss due to the inability to dry it (Rainy season) as farmers depend solely on direct sunlight drying (many cannot afford driers or drying machines). Unlike the second production which harvest falls into the beginning of harmattan or dry season. This obstacle influences the quantity of land to be cultivated in the first cycle and the overall business decision. This is not only for maize, for other commodities, this dichotomy exists especially when irrigation facility is needed to augment for water during the dry season (another instance is the production of cassava which planting is done during the rainy season but no water supply during the dry season to produce, which impact negatively on the overall yield of cassava tubers). This practice needs to be improved as we aim towards achieving food security.

More investment is needed in research and development (R&D), we need to commercialize more seeds that are specific for our weather (Rainy or dry season) for various food crops in order to improve the volume of food produced. Also, we need to ensure that access to finance for inputs such as irrigation is possible for farmers (either small holders or large commercial farmers) to improve productivity. In addition, more awareness should be created to improve value addition amongst agricultural stakeholders ( more or less improve the ease of doing business for processing companies).

In conclusion, as Farmer Samson always says, "food production should not be seasonal because hunger is not seasonal". We need to be able to produce enough food to meet the needs of our populace. This is because an hungry populace is a reflection of the unproductiveness of the nation. And such a nation cannot achieve prosperity. For us to move to the path of prosperity, we need to brace up and solve the issues around our food security to improve overall productivity. Enough of seasonal food production, seasonal hunger, seasonal scarcity and seasonal talks. Let us embrace wholesome and all year round production. Hunger is not a respecter of anyone! Let's feed our nation.