As it competes with natural space, agriculture holds a large, if not the largest, share of the food chain’s environmental impact. Business partners further down the chain want to be sure everything complies with the standard the consumer expects to be met. In the digital age, detailed accountability will become ever more important. Farmers that can deliver trust through transparency hold a competitive advantage.

Bills tell a Story
Farmers purchase a wide range of inputs, like seeds, fertilizer, feed and crop protection. The bills tell the full story of a farm’s operation, yet they are typically administrated by hand. That’s extremely time-consuming, costly and misses out on a blatant opportunity.

And so, wouldn’t it finally be time to help farmers create a digital dashboard?
Digital Dashboard
Digital billing and data integration realizes a fourfold advantage. It reduces administrative costs significantly, reduces the control costs of food authorities and certifiers, produces instant accountability and creates trusted transparency to attract buyers. And so, wouldn’t it finally be time to help farmers create a digital dashboard? The idea has long been promoted by WUR-economist Dr Krijn Poppe. In the age of digitalization, it’s time to take the farmer's digital dashboard more seriously.

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Johan Heeren
Johan Heeren is Global Digital and Data science lead at Royal Agrifirm Group. Founded over 120 years ago in the Netherlands, Agrifirm is an agricultural cooperative with an international network of subsidiaries within Europe, South America, United States of America, Asia, and a worldwide distribution network.

It’s Johan’s mission to develop the agricultural sector of today and tomorrow. To achieve this, he helps businesses to develop innovative solutions that directly add value in practice. Innovations that help to increase yield while maintaining the same carbon footprint, or ideally reducing it. Johan and his team “discover, test and deliver scalable solutions, which they integrate into their cloud-native platform; described by Microsoft as state of the art.”

Aidan Connolly
As the President of AgriTech Capital Aidan Connolly is specialized in International Business, Talent Management, Human Capital, Supply Chain Management, Agribusiness, Nutrition and Sales and International Marketing. Agritech Capital is a strategy and investment firm specializing in innovation and technology in the agribusiness sector. Connolly believes that technology provides huge opportunities for food production. More productivity and less waste. “No other industry runs as imprecisely as agriculture does. The gap between what we know and what we should be doing is massive. Precision in being able to measure, for instance in crop fields, in animals, and even in ourselves, is going to create massive changes. Definitely in the next ten years we will see food production like we have never seen before.”

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