The Dutch scale-up Verdify uses data technology and nutrition science to help customers eat healthier by personalising recipes to match their lifestyle and dietary needs.

Verdify is a foodtech company that develops innovative software for personalising online meal inspiration, enabling people to make food choices that fit their needs. The software can be used to tailor online recipe content according to detailed consumer nutrition profiles, to convert recipes into alternative versions such as plant-based or gluten-free and to promote future-fit food brands. The company offers personalised nutrition based on self-reported requirements that help food chain partners to optimize the service they deliver to their end customer.

Recipe alterations
Verdify’s personalisation engine can be used to tailor most recipes on the internet according to consumer needs and preferences. A proprietary swapping algorithm substitutes non-matching ingredients whilst another algorithm ‘rewrites’ the recipe instructions – making sure the result is tasty and nourishing.

How does that work for users? A user creates their VerdifyID and indicates their nutrition preferences, like allergies, diet needs and taste likings. On the personalised recipe platform Swapmeals, a Verdify user will be shown recipes tailored to their indicated nutritional preferences.

The scale-up will only communicate a claim about food and health when there is sufficient supporting data from peer-reviewed articles or accepted claims by regulatory authorities
Different lifestyles
Verdify offers different lifestyles (7 in the UK and 9 in the Netherlands), amongst others energy restricted for people who want to lose weight and the FODMAP friendly diet meant for those trying to reduce FODMAP intake as part of managing irritable bowel syndrome symptoms.

The scale-up will only communicate a claim about food and health when there is sufficient supporting data from peer-reviewed articles or accepted claims by regulatory authorities. In the UK, the diet options are based on the EatWell Guide by the National Health Service. Similarly, in the Netherlands the options are mostly based on the Dutch food-based dietary guidelines by the Health Council of the Netherlands.

Next to personal health, Verdify tries to support a healthier environment by offering products and recipes in an environmental positive way by encouraging seasonal, local produce and minimising food wastage.

Join the Conversation
CEO Jochem Bossenbroek will go into how they offer truly personalised recipes, how the technology works and how they see their role in the much-needed transition to healthier eating.

Speaker: Jochem Bossenbroek

Jochem Bossenbroek, MSc, MBA, is strongly driven to create opportunities for health & sustainability through entrepreneurship. He is co-founder and CEO of Verdify since 2017 - aimed at unlocking the potential of personalised nutrition.

He was the CEO of Dutch biotech company BunyaVax that developed breakthrough vaccine technology from 2017 to 2019. In 2009 Jochem co-founded the life sciences consultancy firm ttopstart and was partner of the company for seven years. His company ttopstart was then acquired by the PNO Group in 2018.

Creative thinking, problem solving and strategy building are Jochem's favourite topics. Social impact is his main driver. Jochem studied Life Sciences & Technology at Leiden University and Delft University of Technology. He received a Masters in Management & Entrepreneurship in Health and Life Sciences at VU University Amsterdam. He finished an Executive MBA at Rotterdam School of Management.