The increasing dependency on labour to carry out most agricultural activities has hampered the growth of agriculture in developing countries, leading to low productivity and less skilled labour.

In recent times in Nigeria, labour (skilled and unskilled) is becoming more difficult to get especially in the southern region, where the majority of labour working on farms are from neighbouring countries. Sadly, the economic situation, coupled with the coronavirus pandemic (and other factors such as insecurity, border closure amongst others) have adversely affected labour availability which plummeted labour cost to all time high, invariably contributing to high cost of production.

Furthermore, the reality of the 21st century came abruptly without adequate preparation in the agricultural sector in most developing countries, thus, specific technical skills are either lacking or inadequate. Therefore, dependence on machines to carry out certain agricultural activities is still undermined.

Therefore, it is important for us to provide leverage for farmers to transit from labour dependence agriculture to more mechanical dependence agriculture. This can be achieved by strategic planning and efficient implementation. Whereas building local capacity to develop simple technology (machines) and maintenance that are more efficient than human labour. Also, promoting agricultural technical vocational education among the youths and stimulating investment from private organisations to establish business of interest to create employment and inclusion. This is possible if we own (innovation) or integrate existing technologies into solving labour problems in the developing countries.

Finally, there is a need to change the perception of farming from being a culture into a business, from being a poverty alleviation programme into revenue generating business. It is important we view labour as an important factor of production, that needs not only human beings to carry out activities but machines that can do it faster and more efficiently. We all must be involved to achieve this aim and build a stronger structure in the agricultural sector.



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Babatunde by himself