This buy-in is important so as to ensure that deliberate efforts are put in place by the various groups of farmers to contribute their quotas in achieving food security - crop and livestock production.

Therefore, the fundamental of doing the right things starts from knowing what are the right things. Thus, farmers' education cannot be overemphasized and should be improved upon to improve the buy-in. Various stakeholders planning to implement programmes for farmers must keep this at the back of their mind - farmers need to know the reasons for adopting new practises as against the old ones, the advantages and the impact of the new practises on the food system and also the overall benefits to them and the society. This foundational knowledge is key when farmers are carrying out mental evaluation of the new information received. It helps farmers to be better informed and to make better informed decisions. Therefore, we need to invest in generating more relevant information that is suitable to farmers needs and devise better strategies to disseminate these to the farmers.

Zero hunger is not just a mantra that is being said but a reality we believe that we can create for the sake of humanity. Where everyone irrespective of their colour, social status, religion or any other human classification metrics go to bed everyday with a stomach filled with nutritious and healthy food. We believe that food is our common right and no one should be deprived of it. So, we all must have a common goal and walk the talk, and achieving this goal starts from sharing the right information.

I would like to wish you all a happy new year. A fulfilled year we see, where we move closer to the actualization of zero hunger!!