This becomes more challenging at this time when the prices of products are increasing, including farm inputs, and farmers are adapting by reducing the land acreage being cultivated.

Sadly, the conventional banking system is not designed to incorporate the reality of farmers, thus it is believed that farmers are not bankable or credit worthy. In reality, this is not complete as the metrics used to measure creditworthiness cannot be applicable to them.

Therefore, there is a need to develop micro financial products that target the needs of the most vulnerable groups or bottom of the pyramid. Interestingly, the micro financial institutions are providing these products, however at a very high interest rate and short repayment period. This needs to be re-assessed based on the current reality and production strength of the farmers.

In conclusion, access to affordable financial instruments or products will help to increase the productivity and production of the farmers, thus achieving food security a reality. We need more stakeholders to be involved in supporting farmers in easy access to finance for growth and development of the agricultural sector in developing countries.

The right time is NOW!