Food-For-Feed is crucially important to reduce food waste and turn animal husbandry into a means to stop wasting carbon to the atmosphere. Feed company Nijsen decided to rebuild its business model to include animal husbandry in the fight against climate change.

Nijsen transforms around 2.300 different food by-products, 100.000 ton annually, into feed. The company plans the volume flows, taking quality and quantity (e.g., ingredients) into account, and transforms this into high-quality homogeneous feed ingredients. Subsequently, Nijsen converts these ingredients into feeds specifically for different pig breeds and life stages, as well as laying hens.

Data are essential to plan Nijsen’s daily business sustainably
Data and Planning
Nijsen’s Managing Director John Geurts and Business Development Manager Karel van der Velden will show how they plan incoming ‘waste’ ingredients, and how data turn them into valuable feed products.

Data are essential to plan Nijsen’s daily business sustainably. Nijsen assesses, for instance, where ingredients are available and plans the optimal ratio between distance and re-usage. Optimizing driving distance is an essential part of the job to reduce the use of energy, even if it is green.

Sustainable Food Choices
Additionally, as a business-to-business company Nijsen provides information on sustainability that helps consumers to make informed sustainable food choices. Nijsen helps its customers (the chain of farmers, meat processors and retailers) to inform consumers about the environmental and climate value of circular versus traditional fed meat. It can help larger individual supermarkets to produce meat from their own leftovers that couldn’t be put to better use (like a food bank).

Moreover, Nijsen’s data is crucial input for scope 3 carbon footprint reporting (CSRD in the EU) by processors and retailers selling meat from animals fed by Nijsen.


John Geurts, Managing Director at Nijsen company
John Geurts has been managing director of Nijsen since October 2013. He focusses on preparing the company for the future. He knows how to effectively guide transformations, restructurings, and growth towards positive change, through people-centered direction, based on analysis and sound theory.

Karel van der Velden, Business Development Manager at Nijsen company
Karel van der Velden is an experienced high level business development manager with experience in the farming industry. He is skilled in Sustainable Development, Operations Management, Coaching and Environmental Awareness. Van der Velden holds a degree in animal husbandry from HAS university of applied sciences in Den Bosch, the Netherlands.