January: Bühler: Blockchain to Improve Food Safety
Bühler Group is one of the foremost innovators in the food production realm. By its milling machines it can assure the origin and quality of commodities through the production of equipment used in processing plants, Bühler uses the company's unique position to implement more sustainable solutions, with goals in place to ensure food safety, climate protection, resource efficiency and more.

For this webinar, we will be joined by Santiago Cajaraville Fernando, blockchain expert, and Edyta Margas, Global Head of Food Safety at Bühler. We will hear from them regarding some of their solutions for food safety and how their Blockchain platform can support data sharing and traceability through value chains.

Join Santiago, Edita and Tiffany on January 31st for our first Digital Food Webinar in 2023!

February: PATS Drones: Automating Insect Control

Insect control in horticulture is an issue farmers and food producers have faced for decades. How do we ensure that insects are not decimating our produce or creating unusable and wasted food? PATS Drones began to solve this exact problem. Through their drone system, they aim to help producers provide more sustainable produce without the risk of chemical pesticides.

For this webinar, we’ll be joined by Bram Tijmons, CEO and co-founder of PATS Indoor Drone System. Tijmons will discuss how drones are able to enact a system of automated insect control and how this has been implemented since their conception.

Join Bram and Tiffany on February 28th for our second Digital Food Webinar in this series.

March: To Be Announced

April: Let’s Grow: Data Driven Plant Growing

Greenhouse horticulture has become one of the preferred methods of farming sustainably. Taking into consideration the resources and altered steps to greenhouse growing, how can we ensure that we are attaining the maximum yield at a sustainable level? Let’s Grow hopes to help answer this question. Through the use of collected and analysed data, Let’s Grow is able to help their consumers gain further insight into what is happening in your greenhouse at all times.

For this webinar, we’ll be joined by Martin van Tol, Sales Manager at Let’s Grow. Van Tol will be discussing how Let’s Grow is able to use data to optimise plant growing in greenhouses. We’ll also focus the discussion onto what data is collected and how it’s used to attain maximum output of food production, while still keeping sustainability in mind.

Join Martin and Tiffany on April 25th for our fourth Digital Food Webinar in this series.

May: Vertical Farm Institute: Using Models to Plan Cities and its Food Supply
Guaranteeing food supply for large cities where populations continue to increase at an exponential rate is a difficult task. The Vertical Farm Institute is a private research company that aims to implement urban vertical farming. The hope is that they can reduce the land, water and energy consumption that is required for farming through their vertical farming plan.

For this webinar, we’ll be joined by Tiffany Tsui, Chief Strategy Officer and Digital Food Moderator, and her partners to discuss how the Vertical Farm Institute uses models to plan new cities and is able to ensure the city’s food supply. We will also aim to discuss the sustainability outcomes of this project, and the long term benefits it can incite.

Join us on May 30th for our fifth Digital Food Webinar in this series.

June: To Be Announced