The trend of food production is changing drastically as the world is faced with changing realities. In developing countries, population explosion is posing a big risk to food production, coupled with the recent lockdown that has weakened the food supply chain. This simply means that more people have faced extreme hunger in the last few months. Likewise hidden hunger has attracted stakeholders' attention. In the same vein, the issue of food safety has increased in recent times as a result of high cost of inputs, thus producers are devising other and cheaper ways to produce (most times, poor practices are adopted that compromise the safety of food).

We also need to focus on creating more awareness on food safety, identifying the different issues surrounding it, and providing tailor-made solutions that can be easily adopted within the local climate.
It is imperative for all stakeholders in agriculture to work together to achieve food safety as much as quantity. We can only call food, food, if it is safe for consumption, and it is important this safety starts from production. Therefore, we cannot leave only the farmers to produce our food, but we need to provide support in building their capacity to achieve food security (both quantity and quality). We need all stakeholders to be involved and consented to make it work.