People of African origin living outside the continent, irrespective of their citizenship, are sometimes referred to as living in diaspora. Often raised in non-African societies and having their common roots in Africa, they share an emotional attachment to the native land of their ancestors. They can and do play a role in Africa’s development.

The State of the African Diaspora is a real organisation with a prime minister, ministers, roving ambassadors and a university. It shapes an institutional contribution to Africa form all over the world. What is its goal? How does it operate and how is this State organised?

In the fifth G.A.P.P.A.P. webinar we will discuss this with our panellists, all members of The State of the African Diaspora themselves. They will share their perspectives on how they think they can contribute to Africa’s development and what initiatives are already taking place.

The Global Agricultural Politics and Policy from an African Perspective webinar series (G.A.P.P.A.P.) is a joint effort of African Farmers Stories (Babatunde Olarewaju), Rivers State University (Dr Ikechi Agbugba), Public Policy in Africa Initiative (Hugue Nkoutchou), AgriFoodNetworks (Dick Veerman) and Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Universities (Coen Hubers). The aim of G.A.P.P.A.P. is to start and moderate dialogue regarding agricultural development in Africa and mobilize a community of involved stakeholders. Nancy Illoh-Nnaji, from Moneyline with Nancy on Africa Independent Television, and Dick Veerman will host the G.A.P.P.A.P. webinar series.

Join us November 25, and register here.