This right seems trampled upon as food is becoming an elite commodity which can only be affordable by the elite group and the most vulnerable scrapple are now being faced with hunger. This issue is not a stand alone but connected with the rising prices of major agricultural inputs especially fertilizer (raw materials such as DAP and MOP for NPK) due to the Russia-Ukraine war, which is very scarce and the price is very high. The impact of the increasing price of fertilizer on an average smallholder farmers is terrific and could further distort the food system. It is so sad that the sharp increase in prices are in many cases above 100%, and farmers are adjusting by reducing the volume of fertilizer applied per hectare, which would eventually affect the crop productivity and output.

This could further increase food inflation, and push more families into hunger, especially the most vulnerable groups. In short, famine is brewing in the land and it seems nobody understands the looming consequences. It is therefore a matter of national concern and given the utmost priority to cushion the effect of this crisis. Alternative source (s) of purchase of raw materials for blending companies, setting up emergency funds to support fertilizer value chain actors especially blenders and agrodealers (private sector-led initiative supported by the government). This is with the aim to achieve more volume of fertilizer products available in the market.

In conclusion, fertilizer is very key to achieve food security as it supports the growth of crops. The aforementioned is also an established reality that our National security is hinged on food security. So, a food secure Nation is truly a sovereign Nation. Let us all work together to make hunger a thing of the past. We need to get to WORK NOW!