Digital Food is an and Foodlog initiative sponsored by the city of Rotterdam, the province of Zuid-Holland, the Universities of Leiden, Delft and Wageningen, Erasmus University (Rotterdam) and InHolland University of Applied Sciences (Delft). It’s a network that connects people, data, and business and academic initiatives.

The conference series originated in a Dutch dock house in 2019. We’re now turning it step-by-step into a global community that meets every two weeks online and regularly in real life on different continents.

It offers you the opportunity to get together globally in order to find out about and discuss the latest trends and new technologies from a variety of perspectives
Digital Food is a business, people’s and data hub. It connects East and West and the African continent.
It offers you the opportunity to get together globally in order to find out about and discuss the latest trends and new technologies from a variety of perspectives. They’re developing at high speed, while taking a serious turn to algorithm based machine intelligence. They’ll unsettle fundamentally and continuously both the operations and relationships in the food web. Yet the web will be a fully integrated data network as a mirror of the physical world of food. It's the end of the company as a compartmental entity.

How do you feel and go about that? And how do others?
In case you’ve doubts and fears, others will have them too. In case you see opportunities, others will see them too. You might want to share fears, ideals, and ideas and embark on opportunities with like minded people and businesses you cannot meet easily anymore due to restrictions limiting travel and meetings in person.

So let’s discuss another way. Let’s be pro-active and help avoid fates we don’t want, and embrace those we want.

Digital Food explores and connects people, businesses and academia that want to seize the opportunities of the new digitised version of the food system.  
Join the Conversation Wednesday January 20
Join us if you want to know what is going on, what is at stake, and what we can do to make the world a better place by sharing value. 

On Wednesday January 20 we’ll have our first 75 minute chat. It will be moderated by Tiffany Tsui (Springtide Strategy). Her guests will be:

- Paul Buisman (Moba, egg sorting machines), on data integration and interfacing instead of standard setting as the key challenge.

- Haibin Tang (Spar China), on creating trust in food by transparent operations and logistics.

- Hans de Gier (Syncforce), on global machine based P2P transactions without human interventions.

- Kristian Möller (GlobalG.A.P.), on the challenges of data governance and setting standards in agricultural commodities in the new world of digitisation, artificial intelligence, and algorithms.

- Dick Veerman (Foodlog), on the Why of the Digital Food platform.

How to make transparency work in globale agribusiness value chains? Watch how GlobalG.A.P. imagines this could work. Kristian Möller's big question: the technology is there, but how to organize the eco-system? How to address access rights and protect data ownership and confidentiality?

Your questions are part of the game. So join us live! In case you can’t make it, we’ll post the video and will be happy to take your questions and answer them on demand.

Registration is no longer possible. Upon registration (Free! - the first rounds are on the house) you will receive a link to the ZOOM-chat.

Photo credits: 'Digital Food', Peter Boer