Hard work, dedication, getting a college degree and determination, are all factors that will lead to success, or so you think. However, in a culture of nepotism, things are different. Working hard does not inherently mean you will achieve your goals. Not everyone has the same opportunities and equal chances. Nepotism is everywhere in the private sector but is also strongly present in public organizations. People with power abuse this power for private gain. This can cause political structures to become weak and slow down development. The question here is, what causes nepotism in government structures? And how do we navigate in a culture of nepotism? Are the costs of criticising it and raising the issues higher than the benefits of dealing with it? Our panellists will answer these questions.

The Global Agricultural Politics and Policy from an African Perspective Webinar series (G.A.P.P.A.P.) is a joint effort of African Farmers Stories (Babatunde Olarewaju), Rivers State University (Dr Ikechi Agbugba), Public Policy in Africa Initiative (Hugue Nkoutchou), AgriFoodNetworks (Dick Veerman) and Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Universities (Coen Hubers). The aim of G.A.P.P.A.P. is to start and moderate dialogue regarding agricultural development in Africa and mobilize a community of involved stakeholders. Nancy Illoh-Nnaji, from Moneyline with Nancy on Africa Independent Television, and Dick Veerman will host the G.A.P.P.A.P. webinar series. Bellow you can find G.A.P.P.A.P.’s former webinars.
1. 1.5x GDP unpaid labour in Africa, how come?
2. Inclusiveness: a precondition for sustainable development?

The Panellists

Evelyn Shilamba is a business executive who worked in the public, private, and non-governmental organizations sectors. She is the Director of the Pan-Afrikan Centre of Namibia (PACON), an organization that inculcates Pan-Afrikan values on the Afrikan continent and the Diaspora and advocates Pan-Afrikanism by collecting and disseminating information that depicts a progressive Afrika. They work to consciously inculcate Afro-pride and spearhead the economic development of Afrika based on a disciplined foundation, integrity, and honesty.

Siyabulela Skade is the founding President and Chief Executive Officer of the African Continental Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCCI) with the key services aimed at promoting intra-Africa trade and facilitating inclusion of Small Medium Enterprises in the mainstream of the African economy. He is also the President of the African Chamber of Maritime Industries which was established due to his passion for small enterprise development.

Dr. Paul Ogendi is an advocate of the high court of Kenya and a lecturer at the University of Nairobi Faculty of Law. He specializes in fisheries, medical law, trade, human rights and intellectual property. He is also interested in Pan-Africanism and leadership.

Stephen Adeoye is a strategic thinker and planner, a passionate facilitator who believes in innovative approaches and encourages creativity. With over fifteen years of proven organizational management, eight years of teaching experience from literacy campaign to lecturing at Universities of Malta and Hannover and Lisbon respectively, and eight years as Business English and Team Building Trainer. Some of his clients are, Siemens AG, IBM AG, Continental AG, Thyssen Krupp. He is currently the CEO of Green Leben Initiative in Germany.

Dr. Laurence Buzenot is a specialist in industrial free zones. Her research focuses on the forms of industrialization of the island countries of the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean. She is currently the Minister of Education and Dean of the Faculty of Indian Ocean Sciences at African Diaspora State University.

Dr. Feyi Ogunade was previously a Senior Legal Advisor at the African Union, leading work on the promotion and protection of human rights in Africa. In his 30 years as a motivational speaker, journalist, human rights activist, political commentator, international lawyer, university lecturer, fundraiser, and consultant, Feyi has taken CSOs of all sizes to new heights and earned an international reputation for excellence in the process. Feyi serves on several company boards and advisory committees for non-profit organizations and is actively involved in numerous development initiatives across Africa.

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