In my last few posts, I have emphasized the importance of increasing productivity as a result of increasing population. Sadly, increasing production comes with its requirements, and one of these is the development of strong infrastructure to support the growth of the agricultural sector in order to increase productivity. Currently, we have a weak infrastructure that is not suitable for the required capacity that we aim at based on the population growth further leading to poor productivity and over reliance on importation.

Besides, infrastructure can be categorized into social and economic infrastructure, which are interdependent. For social infrastructure for instance, accessing quality education that would have improved the knowledge of farmers is difficult, even the agricultural extension system in most developing countries has been non-existent. More and more social infrastructure that has not been developed is affecting human capacity development (poor welfare of the economy and negatively affecting standard of living). On the other hand, economic infrastructure has poorly been developed and maintained over the years such as power generation, mechanization, road, telecommunications amongst others. Sadly, there is too much pressure on our economic infrastructure largely due to population explosion, and it is difficult to reduce it as it seems there is little or no political will to improve these infrastructures. These are major issues in achieving food security in our present day, and we need a feasible master plan, adequate resources and strong political will to develop both the social and economic infrastructure impending the growth of the agricultural sector in most developing countries, such as Nigeria.

In conclusion, sustainable development is hinged on a holistic approach, considering the needs of all components and fixing them up accordingly. Therefore, achieving sustainable agriculture should be one of the key components, and infrastructure (social and economic) development will be the game-changer in achieving food security. Therefore, all key stakeholders should brace up and consciously support and promote the development of strong infrastructures that will support the trend of our growth.