When you consider the past year and COVID, has agriculture overcome and persisted despite the struggles?
Afrika was hit by devastating natural phenomena – floods and locust invasion. One can say agriculture has overcome and persisted despite the struggles against the COVID 19 pandemic and its lockdowns.

Research has shown that there is an increase in the number of households that have entered the agriculture sector to produce food for their families. There is no denying that Covid 19 had a negative impact on all means of production, especially in the agriculture sector which is the source of food security.

All the restrictions and lockdowns of borders due to COVID 19 resulted in the decrease of trade and a great loss to farmers as produces end up putrid during the prolonged transportation and logistics processes. There has been an increase in food prices because of the hike in fuel prices which made things worse for the end consumers.

What do you hope to see differently in 2022 and is it realistic/achievable?
There is hope that this COVID 19 pandemic will be less dangerous and become endemic very soon as people are adapting and finding ways to prevent and survive the virus, life will gradually return to normal. With the latest variant, Omicron, the reports are pointing exactly to that as there are few hospitalization cases because of this COVID 19 variant.

It is in line that the powers to be can relax all the hostile restrictions that have brought life to a standstill and disrupt trade to stimulate the economy. The implementation of the Afrikan Free Trade Agreement can transform the way of doing business in Afrika and has the potential of increasing trade between countries thereby creating employment opportunities and improve value chains.

The industrialization of Afrika by setting up of factories is one major milestone that I believe many Afrikans would like to see achieved not only in 2022 but moving forward
Are there any major milestones you hope to see achieved in 2022?
The total halt of the exportation of Afrikan raw material out of the continent is the major milestone that would accelerate development and transform trade. The Afrikan Continental Free Trade Agreement presents a major opportunity for Afrika to diversify her exports, accelerate growth, and attract foreign direct investment.

The kind of foreign direct investment that Afrika needs right now is the establishment of factories to turn raw materials into finished products. Rather than exporting her produces in raw material form which equal exports jobs out of the Continent. The industrialization of Afrika by setting up of factories is one major milestone that I believe many Afrikans would like to see achieved not only in 2022 but moving forward.

The agriculture sector is one of the major job creation industries in Afrika and has the potential of eradicating hunger and poverty. Therefore, concentrating effort to ensure great investment in the agriculture sector will be of great value for the economic and social development of Afrika. If we can increase the number of people that have access to nutrition and maintain that figure, it will be a great achievement for ensuring food security and sustainable livelihood.

As we all take a break from our busy schedules to spend time with our loved ones, we should all be grateful for the gift of life, as we know that many could not make it this far. We should show kindness and compassion to the less privileged by sharing whatever we can. It is by the grace of God Almighty, the Creator of heaven and earth that we are opportune to be here. Happy Festive Season!