In this session some of the vulnerabilities, opportunities and challenges COVID-19 highlighted for open innovation in agri-food supply chains will be examined. What lessons do we learn in the aftermath of COVID-19 based on current practices in open innovation? How could open innovation act as a remedy to overcome COVID-19 induced uncertainties in agri-food? How do different conversation in open innovation play out differently across the world?

We’ll be practicing dialogue having a conversation grounded in most recent practices, that will also bring about value-based reflections and conclusions. Sharing expertise and knowledge in this field contributes to capacity building in our community by taking a step forward to overcome the challenges agriculture and food are facing

The session will include a moderated conversation, questions from the audience, and interactive elements to further discuss and engage with the topics.

Especially welcome are practitioners, researchers and the extended agri-food community!

• Dr. Maral Mahdad (Wageningen Unviersity & Research). Maral is a senior researcher of innovation and entrepreneurship at the Business, Management and Organization (BMO) group at the Wageningen University and Research (WUR). Her research derives from a passion for understanding Open Innovation processes and practices. In her research she explores agri-food ecosystems formation and functions.

• Dr. Margot Nijkamp-Diesfeldt (ESTI – EcoSystem Thinking Institute). Margot is the co-founder of ESTI – EcoSystem Thinking Institute and is specialized in the human factor and work culture for open innovation. Her career is characterized by the start-ups of the organizations Packard Bell Europe, Intermec EMEA, Emergency One and applied research institute Holst Centre.

• Prof. dr. Wim Vanhaverbeke (Surrey Business School & ESADE Business School). Wim is professor Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Surrey Business School (UK) and visiting professor at ESADE Business School (Barcelona). He is co-editor in chief of Technovation. His current research is focusing on open innovation, innovation ecosystems and digital strategies.

• Dr. Judith van der Horst - Graat (Foodvalley). Judith is Innovation Lead Food & Health at Foodvalley NL, Foodvalley being the primary agrifood ecosytem for the Netherlands and abroad. Foodvalley’s ambition is to drive ecosystem transformation in the agrifood domain.

• Dr. Wendy van Herpen (Unilever). Wendy is R&D Director Ecosystem Foods and Refreshment at Unilever, located at Hive, Unilever’s Foods Innovation Centre in Wageningen, the Netherlands. In the 18 years at Unilever she worked in different roles in the areas of nutrition, science & technology, operations and digitalization of R&D processes

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