The effects of climate change have been disastrous, ravaging the livelihood of many people, especially people at the bottom of the pyramid, where the majority of smallholder farmers are being classified. We are all stuck in this miry clay and we are in the reality that its effects have cost irreplaceable loss of lives, property, income and time, which is emotionally draining affecting the mental health of the victims.

Undoubtedly, these shocks are too burdensome to be carried alone, and many smallholder farmers have lost their capacity to bounce back; they are unable to give what they don't have again. Unprecedented time requires unprecedented efforts, thus we cannot remain quiet and be indifferent because we are not affected directly, but sadly "weather no dey look our face". We need to stand up and take actions beyond these conversations, starting from the legislations; there is an urgent need to implement the Paris Accords by domesticating and monitoring the effectiveness of the implementation.

Furthermore, we need to provide immediate relief to those who are affected by providing alternative shelters, alternative farmland, access to relief finance and provision of psychosocial support in order for them to recover within the shortest possible time.
There is no glory living in poverty; without social safety or security. Therefore, we need to rise to the occasion to be the social safety and security that the smallholder farmers need. Hunger is coming, no one would be spared. So, in the meantime, let love lead us to take proactive actions, or else, hunger would definitely take over. Let those actions start NOW. There is no better time than today. "Weather no dey look face".