Food security can not be achieved by producing only the right quantity or the right quality of food, but the supply of food to those who need it at the appropriate time. Food supply chain actors are not well appreciated for their efforts in ensuring that the desired food gets to market as at when needed. They are being faced with several challenges such as bottlenecks distorting the flow or movement of food from the production sites to the markets. Over the years, the cost of food supply has increased greatly, contributing to the high cost of food. It is one of the reasons farmgate price is different from market price.

It is very important to consider this sub sector in policy development and critically analyse issues negatively affecting the development of this sub sector, especially in developing countries, in order to locate their root causes and potential solutions. Whenever there is a will, there is a way forward. Therefore, the willpower to have a seamless food supply chain can only be achieved if it is sustained at all levels. We all must be involved to ensure that extreme hunger becomes a thing of the past.

Lagos State, Babatunde

This edition is dedicated to the actors in the agricultural food supply chain, who work tirelessly to make sure that food is well distributed and get to the table as and when needed. You are highly celebrated.

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