Youths in Agriculture are championing social change in the food system promoting food security. Therefore, building relationships is key in promoting sustainable growth in agriculture. Youths must collaborate to build an effective food system, especially in developing countries.

Furthermore, we have different youths doing great work in the agricultural sector ranging from agritech, artificial intelligence, soilless technology to mechanisation, amongst others. However, the synergy among these youths have been weak, therefore, scaling up has been so difficult. It is essential that these youths identify their respective strengths and work hand-in-hand to promote their ideas and work as a single system through collaboration. A tree cannot make a forest. Therefore, we need one another to plug-in our respective ideas to build an effective food system we all desire.

Babatunde at the Soilless Farm Lab

In conclusion, youths are championing the future of food, and promoting collaboration among them would go a long way to achieving transformational change needed in our food system. The future is here, and the youths are ready. Get involved!