Find out what this new world looks like now, how it will develop and how you can benefit from it. Don't risk finding yourself lagging behind in making up your mind; it'll make you suffer.

At Greentech 2022 (RAI, Amsterdam) Dick Veerman (Foodlog, Agrifoodnetworks) will introduce both the commercial aspects of digitisation and the role of Due Diligence on climate and biodiversity. He will give his view on the way they are likely to develop in the rest of this decade.
His guests professor Peter van Bodegom (Leiden University) and Tiffany Tsui (Vertical Farming Institute) will reflect on how business and government can either collaborate or collide and how to start approaches public and private interests will benefit from. In the final 10 minutes they will be happy to take your questions.

Join Tiffany, Peter and Dick June 14, 4:30-5:00PM, Vision Theater - Register here (free till June 8!).