How do we ensure that insects won't decimate our produce or create and waste spoiled food? PATS Drones has been working to develop a way to eliminate bugs without using pesticides.

Pest control can be a tricky business because it’s one where you can’t fix the problem until it becomes a problem. Trying to implement pre-emptive prevention of pests attacking crops is difficult. PATS Drones is attempting to find this pre-emptive solution through data collection from their drone system.

PATS-C is one of their programs that has been put into place to monitor airborne insects up to 5 weeks earlier.
PATS-C is one of their programs that has been put into place to monitor airborne insects up to 5 weeks earlier. Farmers using this program can save hours of time and take immediate action before too many crops have been destroyed by these pests.

Farmers also have access to the PATS dashboard which can provide data regarding changes in population presence and development. Through the dashboard they can easily share and monitor these pests before too much food wastage occurs.

Moth-Free Chocolate
Have you ever wondered how effective pesticides are against bugs like moths during the production of chocolate?

Most cacao bean production requires the use of pesticides in order to get rid of large amounts of moths, but even then, this is not a fool-proof solution.

Consumers are continuously asking for products with reduced pesticides, and how can we ensure moth-free chocolate without pesticides?

PATS-X is a system developed by PATS Drones that can target and exterminate moths’ mid-flight. This prevents severe damage to the crops and allows for the use of less pesticides.

Join the Conversation
In this month’s Digital Food Webinar, we will hear from Bram Tijmons, CEO and Co-Founder of PATS Drones. Tijmons will discuss how drones are able to enact a system of automated insect control and how this has been implemented since their conception.

Speaker: Bram Tijmons

Bram Tijmons is one of the founders of PATS and responsible for business development. The PATS team revolutionizes the Insect Control process in greenhouse horticulture crops. With smart cameras and bat-like drones airborne pests are tracked on a continuous basis, and eradicated by mechanical means. The goal is to get the grower in control, reduce crop losses and to phase out the use of pesticides. This will help the industry to comply with the Green Deal goals, which are ambitious but highly necessary. The PATS solutions are used in all kinds of crops, like tomato and strawberry, but also in other indoor environments like warehouses for the storage of bulk food or feed products.