Previous Digital Food Use Cases

Artificial Intelligence to eliminate irregularities in slaughterhouse Gosschalk, with Argus and Gosschalk, Nov 28
Slaughterhouse Gosschalk is using an automated animal welfare analysis system. The used software system provides an objective analysis of all activity in the abattoir, demonstrating, for instance, if an incident is an accidental or a structural wrongdoing.

Even more so, through data collection, Argus builds up trend analyses, allowing for substantiated assessment of changes in the process. For example, the regular walking routes are analysed and Argus allows for a well-structured way to identify risk events and bottlenecks in the process.

Verdify: Chain-based recipe and health services, Oct 25

Verdify is a foodtech company that develops innovative software for personalising online meal inspiration, enabling people to make food choices that fit their needs. The software can be used to tailor online recipe content according to detailed consumer nutrition profiles, to convert recipes into alternative versions such as plant-based or gluten-free and to promote future-fit food brands.

On the way to PlanetProof - Ensuring trust by data, with ALDI and CLM

Certification, True Pricing and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) claim to lead the way to a more sustainable and circular agriculture. But how can you be sure labels and KPIs really help to realize a better climate, more biodiversity, and a cleaner and healthier environment? Who sets these goals and decides when they are being met?

Making Sense of a Jumble of Data to Assess Sustainability Opportunities in Animal Husbandry, with DSM and FoodInsights

Usually, the carbon footprint of animal-based products - like meat, eggs or milk - can only be estimated on a general level. DSM and Food Insights help the world’s egg, meat and milk producers to accurately assess and improve the environmental footprint of their operations using real farm-level data.

The CO2 mismatch: why businesses can’t live up to public goals, with Blonk Sustainability

Ahold Delhaize’s secret to customer loyalty

How does a large retailer deal with the responsibility of reliably getting 'good products' on the shelves? A retailer buys and sells, while the products find their way to the shops geographically or in long chains far beyond its sight. How to check whether everything is correct

Port of Amsterdam Builds Sustainable Brand for Its Business Cluster

The Port of Amsterdam is the world's largest port for cocoa. This flow of goods is so substantial that the port is seizing the opportunity to introduce its own sustainability standard. Mark Hoolwerf, area manager of the Amsterdam Port Authority (Port of Amsterdam) explains why the port interferes with the activities of companies in the port.

Finding Funding is a Challenge for Digital Innovation in Agrifood, Wageningen University & Research

In February’s session of Digital Food, Sjaak Wolfert, Strategic Senior Scientist at Wageningen University, gives an idea of the fragmentation that often occurs in the stages of digital innovation regarding the highs and lows of funding.