The effects of climate change will definitely be with us for the next few years only if we take measures to change our habits and reduce our emissions or else, it would stay with us for a very long period, which would alter our production system and the overall food system.

It is very important for farmers to adopt adaptive measures and build resilience gradually in order to survive its impact on their livelihood. Therefore, there is a need to change in behaviour; how we produce, when we produce, our system of production, our belief system about rainfall pattern amongst others. Furthermore, new adaptive practices such as low tilling, contour ploughing and harrowing, use of heat tolerant seeds varieties, development of "flood" tolerant seed varieties and increased investment in insurance facilities (More of risk-transfer measure).

Sincerely, the food system is already distorted, and there is no way we can solve this issue using our current practices- it won't work. New challenges come with new ways of thinking (perception) and change in behaviour that would align to new solutions proffered. There is a need to intensify farmers' sensitisation on climate smart practices at the farm and household level to help adapt better to our new realities; including consumption patterns.

In conclusion, climate change is here and real, no one needs to be told as the reality is at our door steps. However, we need to go beyond the lip service of reducing emissions and walk the talk in changing our behaviour to align with our pledge and commitment. My question for you today, why are you yet to change your pattern of farming?