In the third chat of the Digital Food series, Tiffany Tsui asked Marjan de Bock-Smit (founder ImpactBuying, former CEO SIM Supply) all about the True Code Project.

If this sounds boring, imagine what it means for fair trade. Once you know for sure where a pineapple or mango comes from, you'll be able to check what happens there to an individual product handled by an individual and that individual and how much (or how little) it was paid for the job (s)he did. Imagine what it means for animal welfare assurance. As a consumer you'll know from the label on the pork chop you pick up in your local grocery where the pig came from, what it ate and how much, how it lived and whether it suffered from illnesses, or how it was transported and slaughtered.

Seamless, Reliable, and Speedy
Marjan de Bock-Smit (ImpactBuying, founder and former CEO of SIM Supply) explains the passport should allow for seamless, reliable, and speedy Peer-to-Peer Data Exchange. The Consumer Goods Forum TRUE Code project team has asked De Bock-Smit to come up with a solution that offers a convincing answer to 6 challenges:
  • Will it add value for supply chain actors if we create a facility passport with a minimum set of data fields that we need from suppliers?
  • Will the True-code generation combined with a facility passport make exchange of data between platforms easier?
  • Will it add value for supply chain actors if the passport has a public and a private element?
  • Can we apply a verification procedure to a passport to allow companies to distinguish the difference between a verified and unverified facility passport?
  • Will it add value for supply chain actors if we set a standard for verification of the facility passport?
  • Can we generate the True-code and facility passport without cost?

De Bock-Smit explains the answer is 'yes' in all cases. The next phase of the project is to find cases to apply the TRUE code in real life. In the next chat, Tiffany and Marjan will talk strawberries and coffee with Dutch and African guests and prepare for a case of TRUE coded banana sourcing.

Please note that at the end of the third chat the 'global no-body' is present again, as Marjan's project is no less than the start of a global Authority issuing a unique passport. In case it takes off - and the CGF has the power to make it work - that can change the world and people's participation in our common destiny. It will make the world more inclusive by a giant leap. It's a leap that shouldn't be left to the giants of the elite. In a way 'the giant elite' of the CGF is offering it to us, the people of the world. Can that be true: multinationals and retailers as the Robin Hoods of modern global society?

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